Richmond’s Pence Nissan Recommends the Honest Abe Test on your own Tires

Richmond’s Pence Nissan Recommends the Truthful Abe Test in your Tires

You’ll simply take great care assuring your Richmond Nissan is well-maintained and always looking good. Section of a typical upkeep routine requires examining the tread on your tires assuring you’re operating your Nissan within height of protection.

Tire tread is a vital facet of your vehicle’s safety protocol. Without good tread, your bald tire can blowout with no forewarning, leaving you at risk of accidents or becoming stranded quietly for the roadway.

It can be tough to judge set up tread on your own new or made use of Nissan is enough using only the naked eye. That is where the Lincoln cent is necessary. Making use of anything as a trend measure is a simple solution to ensure you are operating your automobile on safe tires.

Here is how you use anything as a tire tread measure:

Take anything and place it to the tread of tire. President Lincoln’s head must certanly be facing down.

Glance at the penny and see if any part of Lincoln’s mind is showing. In case it is noticeable, your tire does not have sufficient tread and can need to be replaced. If there is not clear picture of Lincoln’s head noticeable, the amount of tread in your tire is safe currently.

Regular checks of tire tread and a watchful attention for other signs and symptoms of harm is vital to a car’s security. Our experienced solution staff understands how important tire protection is for our Richmond Nissan proprietors and will also be very happy to examine your tires when you tend to be unsure of the protection. Regardless if the tread amounts are okay, tires can certainly still have various other dilemmas eg fingernails, gashes, or bulges that will reduce living expectancy of a tire. We will be very happy to inspect the tires and price brand new people for your brand new or used Nissan vehicle. Just stop by our Richmond dealership and tell us how we can help.


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