Extraordinary cardboard ships battle in brand new Richmond

Extraordinary cardboard boats race in New Richmond

Regarding the coastline of New Richmond, Ohio recently happens an appealing boat race which is held yearly in U.S. groups have to sail 200 yards and also the quickest team will likely to be become champion. Into the competition, viewers witness a lot more than 100 boats made out of from cardboard in numerous shapes. This is certainly a very special occasion for passionate cruising enthusiasts to create unique works. Using inspiration from day-to-day items such school bus, tractors, Tiki taverns, and hotdogs, many cardboard boats are shown down. Developers claim that these ships be sailed 20 times within ten years. After the race, unique ships is selected becoming on show at Cardboard Boat Museum.


Island Queen within Cardboard Boat Museum


Types of cardboard watercraft in Cardboard Boat Museum


A Bengal tiger and a red dragon boat


Carboard boat-race is held on a coastline of the latest Richmond, Ohio


a floating Tiki bar


Pirate logo makes the group outstanding


A Viking ship


The watercraft takes motivation from hot puppies


Duff Diver group show their passion for “The Simpsons” on the boat design


M.A.S.H staff are waiting for for the competition



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